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Fiji National University is the largest university in the South Pacific. FNU enrolls over twenty thousand students from a wide range of countries, and in a wide range of academic, technical and vocational programmes. FNU operations are found at over 10 different locations. Programmes are offered at the Certificate, Diploma, Degree and Postgraduate levels through five colleges and the National Training and Productivity Centre.

Ref NumPosition TitleClosing Date
AD 195/18Clerical Assistant23-Nov-2018
AD 194/18Technician in Plant Maintenance Engineering (Re-advertised)23-Nov-2018
AD 193/18Deputy Director Strategy and Operation (Re-advertised)23-Nov-2018
AC 228/18Lecturer in Education23-Nov-2018
AC 227/18Lecturer in Physical Education23-Nov-2018
AC 226/18Instructor in Printing Technology23-Nov-2018
AC 225/18Instructor(Biomedical Engineering)23-Nov-2018
AC 224/18Senior Instructor in Food and Beverage Services23-Nov-2018
AC 216/18Assistant Professor in Animal Husbandry (Re-advertised)23-Nov-2018
AD 192/18Academic Officer16-Nov-2018
AD 191/18Multimedia Production Assistant16-Nov-2018
AD 190/18Multimedia Producer16-Nov-2018
AD 189/18Manager Projects16-Nov-2018
AC 223/18Part-Time Technical Officer(Plumbing) (Re-advertised)16-Nov-2018
AC 222/18Part-Time Technical Officer(Carpentry) (Re-advertised)16-Nov-2018
AC 221/18Technical Assistant in Construction & Marine/Ports Industry16-Nov-2018
AC 220/18Assistant Lecturer Community & Mental Health Nursing16-Nov-2018
AC 218/18Technical Officer(Maintenance & Diagnostics) (Re-advertised)16-Nov-2018
AC 218/18Assistant Lecturer in Pharmacy16-Nov-2018
AC 217/18Associate Professor in Mathematics16-Nov-2018
AC 210/18Assistant Professor in Paediatrics (Re-advertised)16-Nov-2018